Move Classes

What Is Move?

Come get your sweat on! Our one-hour Move sessions involve a perfect mix of cardio, strength, and power to get you fit. The program is designed to keep you moving for 30-45 mins using varied movements in each class to maximise your workout time and keep things fresh. Everything we do can be scaled for any skill or fitness level or movement constraints such as previous injuries.

Who Are Move Classes For?

No matter your age or fitness level, the Move programming will work for you. It’s perfect for people who like a solid workout but aren’t keen on anything with complex gymnastics or barbells. You will be able to jump straight in and feel confident.

How Do Move Classes Work?

Each Move class runs for 1 hour and is led by a qualified coach who will take you through a warmup and a carefully explained workout, which will include demonstrations of all movements and options to modify movements based on your unique capabilities. One-on-one coaching is then provided during the session to improve your technique and ensure you are getting the most out of the session.

What Are The Benefits Of Move?

First, we have a fun, welcoming environment, with members and staff from all different backgrounds and walks of life⁠ who will keep you motivated.

Our Move programming will get you results, no matter your goals and current fitness levels⁠. The focus is on cardio to get you fit with just the right balance of strength and power movements to build muscle tone. If you want a program that will get you looking and feeling fantastic then this is for you.

Our gym game is matched by our social game. Our community loves a coffee after class, a social catch-up on the weekend, or relaxing in the recovery centre (it can’t all be about working out!).