CrossFit vs Globo Gym

So, why would you join a CrossFit class instead of going to your local “Globo Gym” (AnyTime Fitness, 24/7 Fitness, Snap Fitness or Goodlife gym) for a quarter of the price?

The Classic Dodgeball Gym (definitely not CrossFit).

Who can forget Ben Stiller’s classic globo character!

Look, any exercise is better than none, we all know that … however, a functional fitness exercise regime led by expert coaches is vastly different from what you’ll find in your local AnyTime Fitness, 24/7 Fitness, Snap Fitness or Goodlife gym.

Crossfit is Sport and Exercise

As we’ve explained here, CrossFit is both a sport AND an exercise regime.  With CrossFit, you get much more coaching to assist with the more complex movements than you’ll find elsewhere.   What you won’t find at CrossFit that you will find at Globos:

  • Machines that force you to move in a prescribed way because we’ll teach you how to move well on your own
  • Mirrors on the walls, because your coach will watch you so you don’t have to watch yourself

With CrossFit, you’ll also find a much greater range of movements and exercises because we focus on constantly varied workouts … sure, there’s plenty of weight to move around, but we also do a lot of cardio conditioning and gymnastics which leads to a well-rounded, constantly varied and more interesting set of workouts.

CrossFit Community

Lastly, the biggest difference you’ll find with CrossFit is the community.  A supportive community will surround you, working with you to achieve your mutual goals.  At CreateFit, the gym floor is just the start of your community experience.  We go to even greater lengths than most places to facilitate the social interaction and development of our community.  It happens in our cafe, at our social events, and our broader facilities including recovery centre and mobility studio.

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