Fundamentals Onboarding Program

How do the 3-sessions work?

Coach Jorge will run 3, 60-minute sessions each of which will start by focusing on a few of the fundamental movements of Crossfit

Lower Body: Squats, hinge movements (deadlifts, cleans, etc)

Upper Body: Presses (strict, push press, jerks) & Pull movements

Each session will focus on building your understanding, technique, and form for each fundamental movement.

This will be followed by a workout at the end of each session to put your learning into action and to help build your confidence walking into any Crossfit class setting.

CreateFit’s Onboarding Program

Learn and embed good techniques into your training with our 3-session,  onboarding program. Understand the principles and theory of CrossFit so you can see how your fitness will benefit and how you’ll stay motivated by the sport.

CreateFit’s Onboarding Program focuses on 3 pillars:

Mechanics – Learning the movement

Consistency – Being able to repeat the movement correctly over and over

Intensity – Learning how to pace a workout to get the desired stimulus

Who is the onboarding for?

  • For anyone new to CrossFit and looking to improve their movement, skills, and fitness.
  • For anyone returning after a break from CrossFit and looking to improve their movement, skills, and fitness.
  • For anyone looking to understand how to scale and modify movements/ workouts to their specific abilities.
  • For anyone looking to become comfortable and confident to jump into any CrossFit class, knowing you have the ability to perform the movements in a way that will set you up for long-term progression.
  • For anyone looking to get a great workout and put your learning into action with a specifically tailored workout in each session.