Take a Step Closer to Your Goals With Each Training Session

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your training, CreateFit is here for you. Our programming combines strength, power, cardio, and functional skills to get you the results you are looking for.


Supercharge your training through a combination of strength, gymnastics, lifting and conditioning. You’ll learn new skills and get in great shape.

Aerobic Endurance Program

Whether you just want to get a sweat on or prepare for your next endurance event. Our aerobic endurance classes combine cardio machines and body weight exercises that will dial in your aerobic capacity.

Improve your cardio and overall fitness levels with these fun and high intensity classes.


Olympic Lifting

This technique-driven class will focus on teaching the classic Olympic lifts – snatch, clean, and jerk. While this component of our training will help to build strength and power, it will also help you develop stability and fine motor control throughout your entire body.


Gymnastics classes at CreateFit are focused on the primary bodyweight movements in CrossFit and run on a rotating schedule. Focusing on movements such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and handstand walking.

Classes are designed to build strength, skill, and body awareness by breaking down the movements and utilizing drills to target specific aspects of the overall skill.



Perfect for anyone wanting to learn to care for their body. To promote better movement and improve functional range of motion. This guided self-care is crucial to your athletic and fitness development. You’ll learn tricks and techniques that you can use at home and in the gym to keep you feeling fresh and delicious.


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