Personal Training

OverPowered Athletics is an Online and In-Person Coaching company providing high-performance coaching to high-performance athletes.


We work with a wide range of people – all aiming to become the absolute best versions of themselves – including those aiming to lose a little bit of weight up to the elite-level sportspersons.

Often, our clients’ journey begins with them coming to us frustrated that their progress has stalled, they lack a sufficient support network, or they just have no idea how to reach their goals.


This is why we work so closely with our clients – creating optimal training programs to help them achieve their fitness goals.


But it doesn’t stop there…

Our Coaching goes beyond simple fitness programming – we coach our Clients to overcome lifestyle barriers, including sleep, stress management, nutrition, and much more – to bulletproof success for the long term.



We offer a wide range of Online and In-Person Coaching options to meet the needs of our clients.


To discuss which of our services will best match your needs and goals, book a complimentary Coaching consultation, visit: