Allied Health

Our Allied Health Partners

Your health and fitness journey extends beyond the gym floor. Having access to high quality allied health practitioners will help you prevent injuries, stay flexible and mobile and get the right nutritional guidance to support your health and fitness goals. Book in to see our onsite Remedial and Sports Massage therapist at CreateFit Southbank.

CreateFit Group Exercises Classes
State of Movement - Remedial Massage

Tailored massage and corrective strategies to optimise your body mechanics and enhance your performance across all movements.

Amanda is an Integrated Remedial Massage Therapist who is driven by assessing and treating the body with movement.

Amanda’s philosophy:

Using a variety of techniques to reduce & eliminate unneeded tightness tailored to your needs. Focused approach to reduce pain at its source and/or compliment your training. Offer a ‘takeaway to give back approach’. ‘Takeaway’ the unneeded tightness & ‘Give Back’ by integrating active movement during your sessions to ensure your body understands how to function with efficiency.

More Allied Health Partners Coming Soon...

We’ll be bringing you more allied health partners to compliment our Remedial and Sports massage therapist. To provide a full suite of services and support you throughout your fitness journey.