Aerobic Endurance Classes

Aerobic Endurance Classes


How do the classes work?

We run a weekly Aerobic Endurance class on a Sunday, which runs for 1-1.5 hours and is led by a qualified coach. You will go through a warm-up and a carefully explained workout, which will include demonstrations of all movements and options to modify movements based on your unique capabilities. Once the clock starts it’s time to enjoy the music and embrace a good sweaty session.

What are the benefits?

So many benefits! You are going to see real improvements in your cardiorespiratory capacity. A lot of people are used to shorter, more intense exercise but our longer sessions are going to train your body to get very efficient with oxygen and energy use. It’s also great for people who have had a hard training week and want to give their muscles a good cardio flush.

What is Aerobic Endurance?

Let’s get your heart and lungs going! Our weekly 1-1.5 hour session will build an unstoppable engine. Our Aerobic Endurance classes use a perfect mix of rowing, running, and bike along with bodyweight / lightweight movements to keep you moving at moderate intensity for longer periods.

Who is Aerobic Endurance for?

It’s perfect for people who want to really build their cardiorespiratory system or are looking for a cardio flush at the end of a big training week. The combination of simple movements at moderate intensity means anyone can jump straight in no matter what your exercise background.