What is CrossFit?

Come play CrossFit with us! Our one-hour CrossFit sessions involve a constantly varied mixture of cardio, weights, and gymnastics to give you a full-body workout that is always interesting and challenging. Everything we do can be scaled for any skill, fitness level, or movement constraints such as previous injuries.


Who is CrossFit for?

Absolutely everyone. We have people of all ages and fitness levels at CreateFit. We often hear “I’m not fit enough” but the truth is CrossFit is designed to get you fit.

How do the classes work?

Each class runs for 1 hour and is led by a certified CrossFit coach who will take you through a warmup and a carefully explained workout, which will include demonstrations of all movements and options to modify movements based on your unique capabilities.  One-on-one coaching is then provided during the session to improve your technique and ensure you are getting the most out of the session.

What are the benefits?

First and most important to us, it’s super fun and we have an amazing community at CreateFit that will keep you motivated.

CrossFit gets you fit in every way that matters.  You will build cardio capacity, strength, explosive power, mobility, and stability.  Whether your goals are to stay healthy and be able to carry all your shopping in from the car in one go, be a competitive athlete, or just look great naked 😉 your CrossFit journey will get you there.

Our gym game is matched by our social game.  Our community loves a coffee after class, a social catch-up on the weekend, or giving a new sport a go like one of the local triathlons.

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