About Us

Your Perfect Fitness Journey Starts Here 

Forget one-size-fits-all programs. If you want real results, you need a workout, nutrition, and recovery plan that’s perfectly tailored to your goals, needs, and current fitness level—CreateFit Group Exercises Classes give you exactly that!  Our goal is to help you create the exact fitness journey you want, whatever that may look like.

We Have Everything You Need To Get Fit And Healthy

From CreateFit group exercise classes, to open gym, mobility classes and more! Our expert coaches, world-class training spaces and welcoming community will keep you on track to your fitness goals. Our cutting-edge recovery facilities, in-house allied health practitioners, beautifully appointed bathrooms and top-notch healthy café means your experience stretches beyond the gym floor.

Why You’ll Love Training Here

Expert Coaching

Get expert guidance from seasoned coaches who have years of success helping clients crush their fitness goals.

Custom Coaching

One of our highly qualified coaches will tailor the daily programming to meet your requirement. It’s like a PT session delivered to your inbox

Holistic Approach

Get the results you want faster by getting your training, nutrition, and recovery on point.

Supportive Community

Whoever you are, whatever your goals may be, our community will make you feel right at home.

World-Class Training Spaces

Whatever you’re working on—cardio, gymnastics strength, endurance, or mobility—we’ve got the perfect space and equipment for you.

Cutting-Edge Recovery Centre

Whether you’re recovering from an intense training session or an injury, we’ve got the expertise and cutting-edge recovery tools to help you bounce back faster.

All-Day Open Gym

Open gym all day, every day. Train how ever you want, whenever you want.

Nutritional Cafe

Supercharge your workouts and recovery with great coffee and nutritious meals at our cafe.

Kids Area

No one to take care of the kids while you work out? Just bring them along! We have a safe space for them to play in while you enjoy your workout!

Who Will Be Running CreateFit Group Exercises Classes?

Say Hello to Your Coaches…



CreateFit Group Exercises Classes

Tim’s 10+ years in the fitness industry has seen him help many people reach a broad range of fitness goals – body composition, rehab, competition and increased quality of life.

This 14 year-old-looking, late 20 year-old, brings great energy to every personal training and class session. His enthusiasm and professionalism is sure to motivate you and keep you looking forward to your next session.

If weightlifting and strength training is your thing, then Tim is your man.



CreateFit Group Exercises Classes

At the age of 40, Kylie had never done any real fitness activity and decided to start with a 10km fun run… and loved it! Keen to continue fitnessing, Kylie signed up for her first CrossFit class and a couple of years later won the CrossFit Games in Masters 45-49 year division!

With three CrossFit Games appearances and a wealth of coaching experience, Kylie can help you supercharge your training no matter what level you are.

With an infectious smile, this super mum of three is always there for a chat and great coaching tips.



CreateFit Group Exercises Classes

Heather’s discovered her passion for CrossFit and nutrition while making positive changes to her own life while working in a demanding corporate job.

Heather will take an holistic approach to your health and fitness journey, combining good eating habits, exercise and recovery, all while having a lot of fun on the way.

If you are wanting to take those first steps to improving your health and fitness, then Heather is there to guide and support you every step of the way.
Heather loves coffee and a sweaty workout so you’ll find her buzzing around the gym most times of the day.


Assistant Coach

A newly minted coach and token bald guy, Simon fits into the team to support our coaches and members wherever he can. He has a lifetime of experience as a competitive athlete and coach across a range of sports including triathlon, cycling, sailing and kitesurfing. He is also a regular competitor on the Masters circuit.

If you are a Masters athlete, Simon will help you develop training methods that take into account the very different requirements of ageing bodies to keep you in good shape and driving peak performance.

Simon loves a good dad joke and enjoys banter during a WOD almost as much as a sprint workout combining a barbell and gymnastics. His irreverent sense of humour will keep your workouts fun even when they hurt.