What Is CreateFit’s Mobility Class?

The ideal healthy body has muscles and joints that are both stable AND flexible.  Generally, we gym bunnies know all about how to make things more stable or stronger but don’t know much about how to keep ourselves flexible.  This guided self-care class will teach you tricks and techniques that you can use at home and in the gym to keep you feeling fresh and delicious.


Who Are The Classes For?

CreateFit Mobility classes are perfect for anyone wanting to learn to care for their body.  It is particularly important for those people who want to focus on their athletic and fitness development.



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How do Mobility classes work?

First, they are lots of fun and very conversational.  You can even bring along your cup of coffee.  Run-on Saturday mornings, classes run for approx. 45 min to 1 hour and you will learn different techniques and approaches to mobilise your whole body.  We use a combination of foam rollers, mobility balls and bands, and dynamic and static stretches to get your body moving well and free of any impingements.  Each class will focus on a different area of the body.


What are the benefits of Mobility?

Mobility class will teach you how to promote better movement and improve functional range of motion to improve your performance and longevity in the gym.  It’s also designed to empower you with all the knowledge bombs so you can keep you doing mobility in your own time.